How do I buy?

The products contained in the A Tres Puntos website can be acquired in Spain.  The user should add the desired product to the basket and can continue browsing to add more products or process the order.  Having finished, the user should go to “basket” where all the selected products will appear and select the size of the item and if necessary the colour. In order to confirm the purchase the user will have to register as a customer.  This is unnecessary if they have already done so.  Each time the customer makes a new order they only have to enter their email address and password obtained at registration.  

During the registration and purchase processes, several details are required (name, email, delivery address, telephone number and tax details if an invoice is required) in addition to the payment method and delivery option. The order is only completed when payment is accepted.  A confirmation email will be sent for customer registration and another upon completion of the order.  


For each product prices are shown in Euros and exclude VAT, which will be included when the item is added to the basket and will be stated on the invoice, where the price is shown both with and without VAT.


All A Tres Puntos products are manufactured to the highest standards of quality.  The length and conditions of the guarantee are those applicable in the country where the sale is made according to current legislation.  For more information see:Conditions of Delivery


A Tres Puntos only operates exclusively with Pay Pal.  It is the fastest and most secure method of making payments over the internet.  

Why Pay Pal?

It´s secure – You can make purchases on the internet without sharing your bank details and with the knowledge that in the event of any problem you are covered by Pay Pal´s purchaser protection policy.

It’s easy – You can buy what you want in just a few clicks.  You only need to enter your email address and Pay Pal password.

Accepted all over the world – You can pay via Pay Pal from anywhere in the world and on thousands of local, international and online stores and obviously with us.

Therefore A Tres Puntos does not store your credit card details or any other payment details.  A Tres Puntos reserves the right to withhold an order for security reasons and in such cases the affected customer will be informed.  A Tres Puntos also reserves the right to cancel an order if it considers that the delivery and invoice information are not verifiable.